Tweaky 2


What you should know:


Name: Paul Twornicki, although only my wife and my mum call me Paul, I’m usually Tweeks or Tweaky

Instrument: Drums & Percussion

Equipment: Peavey Radial Pro RBS-1 Drum Kit, Paiste Cymbals, Vic Firth sticks

Favourite piece of kit: The Peaveys, check out for the info, they’re very rare!

Influences: 80s Hair Rock, Toto, Robbie, Britney Spears, Wheatus, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden

Favourite Song: Rosanna by Toto, what a groove……

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His brother bringing home a 1970s silver Premier Royale drum kit in 1982 set the spark of drumming aflame in Tweaky.  He then spent most of his lunchtimes at school in the music practice rooms where he learned to play using a makeshift drum kit.

Moving onto marching drums, he learned his rudiments and played with the Air Cadets Wing Band.  This took him to playing at dinner functions where he learned to play quietly!

He’s played with many bands all over the United Kingdom, in the Falklands and in the USA.  Some of his favourite bands have been Tweekyswind in King’s Lynn, Jocasta down in Newquay and Ashtray Lemon in Elgin, Scotland.  Sitting in as house drummer in a couple of high profile Jam Nights he’s shared the stage with John Coghlan.  This tested his playing ability as there’s no set list and you have no idea of the styles of music you will be playing.

He is part of a network of Peavey Radial Pro Drums players worldwide.  If you ask him about his drums, he’ll talk you to death about the finer details of his amazing and unique drums.

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