Lincolnshire Show, Member’s Lawn

Whew!  Another spectacular Bank Holiday crowd at The Barge & Bottle, Sleaford – singing and dancing all night, and as many people outside looking in as there was in the bar!  Unbelievable!

As Mad May draws to a close, we find ourselves entering wedding season, and most of June is consumed with private bookings.  If, however, you find yourselves with an invite to The Lincolnshire Show, we will be entertaining on the Member’s Lawn on Wednesday 18th of June, starting around 7.00pm.

If not, then you’ve got to wait until Waddington International Airshow Weekend, beginning on Friday 4th July at The Wheatsheaf, Waddington to get your next fix of Stolen Fridays’ madness!  Look forward to seeing you there!

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