The Galway Arms, Retford

Whew!  What a summer!  It’s been so hectic, there’s been little time to update our news feed, culminating in one of the best nights Stolen Fridays have ever played at Cadwell Park for the British Superbike Championships on Bank Holiday Sunday.

There are few words to describe how we felt when we came off stage, the atmosphere and the reception from the crowd were second to none and the night will certainly live long in the memory.  Thank you once again the Superbike fans of Cadwell Park!  We salute you!

Next up, we travel to a new venue for us, The Galway Arms in Retford.  Trying to establish itself as a noted live music venue, we would love to see as many of you as possible turn out to this one and we look forward to continuing this incredible summer with another incredible night…

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